Kentucky Sinkhole

43m | 2015 | TV-PG | CC

Why did a 72 oil-car runaway train crash, killing 47 people and leveling half a town? Was it the brakes? Next, can engineers do anything to fix a gaping sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum so car enthusiasts can safely return? Then, what caused the Minneapolis Metrodome's iconic roof to collapse? Was it an engineering flaw or Mother Nature? Football fans want to know. Plus, as 33 Chilean miners await their ultimate fate, trapped almost a half mile underground, mine drilling engineers scramble to dig a hole big enough to rescue them. Can a special drill make it through earth harder than granite? And finally, JetBlue flight 194 started out like any other for 149 passengers, but just minutes into the journey, the airplane is almost crippled by a sudden hydraulic failure.