Mail Call

S5 E10

XM8; Spencer; AC-47 Spooky; Small Diameter Bomb; Gotha Bomber

21m | 2004 | TV-PG | CC

R. Lee Ermey pulls a little trigger time with the latest and greatest in military rifles, the XM8, then takes a draw on one of the oldest repeating rifles, the Civil War-era Spencer. Next, he looks back at one of the hardest-hitting war birds of the Vietnam War, the EM AC-47 Spooky /EM gunship, and a peek at one of the kookiest inventions to be tested during the war, the Manpack "people sniffer". Finally, the Gunny travels down to Eglin AFB to check out the Small Diameter Bomb, followed by a look at one of the earliest heavy bombers, the German EM Gotha /EM Bomber.